Rapid Optical Scanning

The nSpec® is fast and fully automated. You can rapidly scan samples in a viewing mode of your choice and the system will automatically analyze, bin, classify, and report the defects based on the thresholding and reporting parameters you set.

3D Macroscale Measurements

The nSpec® uses an automated non-contact point-finding method to quickly determine 3D critical dimensions.

Analysis Of Third Party Images

Wafer inspection is becoming more challenging and costly at each node. The production process lead time for bringing integrated circuits to market is rising. Complex inspection, testing, and validation procedures can create delays.

Compound Semiconductors

Rapid optical scans in Brightfield, Darkfield, and DIC Imaging Modes and artificial intelligence algorithms that can create custom analyzers to defect defects from sparse data sets.

Device Inspection

The process detects defects caused by particles and defect clusters caused by the photomask or the exposure process. The defect map reports all defects detected and the process works for very large devices and detects defects on regions of undifferentiated high-frequency features.

Eliminating Illusions

Thoughts on the artificial intelligence frontier. Machine learning and computationally replicating the power of the human brain.


Although well defined, system magnification and resolution are often misunderstood. We are really concerned with the system resolution – the ability of a system to quantify detail in an image.

Technical Background

In this work a new reflected light method which provides resolution of less than 1 micron is discussed. The method avoids the diffraction limit of visible light by mechanically moving a sample in small increments.