Nanotronics is an Industrial AI company that deploys advanced optical solutions to optimize manufacturing procedures, effectively refining, and expediting assembly for any industry relying on a precision process for production. Nanotronics uses hardware and software solutions to clean, sort, and manage existing data as well as data collected in real time across sensors placed strategically within customers’ plants. This data is stored on local servers to ensure maximum security.

Nanotronics’ sophisticated AI system correlates data points into actionable insights for manufacturers to correct flaws in the production process while also predicting future errors. This results in an autonomous factory that operates on autopilot to drive up yields, decrease waste, and encourage implementation of ESG standards.

Nanotronics helps customers bring lab experimentation and R&D innovation to devise scalable business solutions and advance our industrial future.


Full Factory Solution

Nanotronics has developed Intelligent Factory Control (IFC), a full factory solution utilizing both hardware and software to automate and steer production pipelines that enable intelligent, self-inspecting, self-optimizing factories to function securely. 

The platform improves yields and can transform a company’s manufacturing by significantly reducing by-products, shortening supply chains, controlling costs and footprint, while fostering higher levels of creativity and innovation.

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