Advanced Materials

The Nanotronics nSpec® is an optical inspection system that combines super resolution that transcends the diffraction limit and a focus algorithm that automatically and quickly focuses on translucent and fully transparent material at the nano level and the macroscale.

Consumer Electronics

The inspection of displays, screens, casings on smartphones and wearables, can all be performed by nSpec®. In one case nSpec® is used across the entire supply chain of a smartphone across multiple factories and continents: the screen glass, the camera sensor, the LED, the battery, the processor chip, the phone casing, and the film backing for the screen.


nSpec® is used to inspect automotive displays, tires, batteries, sensors, LEDs, LiDAR, and power conversion chips. Our automation division designs and builds robotic handling systems to accommodate any product form factor.


The compact tabletop nSpec® system is used in the United States, Europe, and Asia to inspect wafers at every step of the production process from bare wafers through post dicing and post packaging. The nSpec® software can assess wafer surface quality and count and bin defects at a fraction of the cost of large inspection devices.