Introducing Automated Optical Inspection for Biotechnology & Genomics Industries

Biotechnology and genomics industries are reinventing contemporary medicine to combat pathologies of the modern world, improve societal health, and provide superior care to those in need.

Advanced healthcare requires implementation of advanced technologies. Biotechnology synthesizes principles of engineering and biology to manufacture novel human therapeutics for personalized medical solutions. These biologic medicines are grown within existing cells, making manufacturing facilities highly sensitive to changes in environment and necessitating tightly controlled laboratories that meet the standards of the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices regulations. Pharmaceutical R&D and production necessitates strict standardization and rapid scalability, as 250 tests of facility, utilities, raw materials, and product are conducted throughout the manufacturing process.

Automated optical inspection systems and process control tools are engineered to meet the specific demands of high-volume manufacturing across all unit operations and designed to produce precise, accurate results. Automation streamlines tedious processes by applying rules-based systems that replicate human capabilities in the completion of repeatable tasks, and AI identifies gaps in current processes to improve yields while generating greater efficiency of assembly. Process control solutions mitigate risk in biotechnology manufacturing by quickly identifying errors in process and notifying operators, allowing them to correct issues as they arise.



  1. Nanotronics incorporates our nSpec® suite in tandem with the nControl™ platform to address any risks associated with potential contamination and prevent potential malicious activity.
  2. Our proprietary machine learning technology deploys supervised learning, data augmentation, pattern recognition, and local instancing to maximize data integrity, security, and robustness.
  3. AIPC® is designed to reinforce a factory’s operations, and by synthesizing existing data with actively collected data, fills in informational gaps that a network of dispersed operators naturally produce.
  4. Our tools can be used to expedite and refine the production of personalized medical solutions as well as manufacture of essential medical devices such as pacemakers, hearing aids, CT scanners, defibrillators, ventilators, and others.


Industry Applications


Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes include comminution of synthetic materials, granulation, polymer/polysaccharide coating, and tablet pressing. High-Throughput Screening (HTS) is conducted to ensure quality, safety, and efficacy of product.


The healthcare industry is moving towards personalized medical solutions and novel human therapeutics to combat chronic illnesses and rare diseases. Implementing AI for bioinformatics allows experts to interpret large quantities of data extracted from the human genome for the purpose of mapping and analyzing DNA and protein sequences.

Medical Device Manufacturing

AOI systems quickly detect flaws and anomalies in the manufacture of medical device components, accelerating production of essential tools for expedited implementation in healthcare facilities.

Laboratory Inspection

Automated laboratory inspection is implemented for fastidious quality control and reduces waste while increasing efficiency of operations. AOI significantly mitigates human error and improves lab safety, ensuring integrity of process and standardizing production for increased reliability. Integration of AI technologies into lab environments allows researchers to distill an influx of data into critical insights or actionable suggestions. Applied to genomics, AI recognizes patterns, rules, and order that is otherwise too suble or long-range for humans to reliably detect.




Nanotronics’ AOI tools are deployed for easy identification of contaminations and manufacturing errors throughout assembly processes to ensure the highest quality of final product. Inspection allows manufacturers to collect granular microdata and essential metrics at all stages of the supply chain to propel faster, more reliable data-driven decisions that speed innovation, increase manufacturing yields, reduce waste, and lower costs.


Nanotronics brings over a decade of manufacturing experience to our customers’ facilities. Our suite of inspection, AI, and security tools enable us to ensure that prototypes and manufacturing processes are designed to yield an optimized final product.


Incorporating AI into manufacturing processes adds an extra layer of security to your industrial facility. AI can remotely monitor for process variations that cause drastic factory shutdown and allows operators to make key decisions, preventing critical errors that slow and stall production.


The Nanotronics Difference

Nanotronics products are modular and can be adjusted to meet the unique requirements of any factory. Our unprecedented lead times range from 120-180 days, allowing us to provide customers with the highest quality AOI systems as quickly as possible so that they may expedite fabrication soon after needs are determined. The nSpec® suite is cost-effective and highly compact with a fraction of a traditional AOI system’s footprint, making it less demanding in its spatial requirements. Advanced imaging is optimal for quality assurance as it adds a layer of rich, human-legible and presentable data to factory operations.

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