What is Automated Optical Inspection for Manufacturing?

Automated optical inspection brings next-generation machine learning technology to the factory floor by combining AI, computer vision, robotics, and microscopy to identify flaws and anomalies in the precision manufacturing process. Nanotronics’ flagship product, nSpec®, uses hardware and software solutions to synthesize human ingenuity with automated microscopy to produce high-quality results, increasing yields for customers and eliminating laborious manual inspection procedures. Using nSpec® TURBO, our customers can design an individualized template for sample inspection, enabling them to set specific parameters and produce chips tailored to desired output. nSpec®’s iterative functionality allows users to identify, classify, and assign causality to features of interest. When alerted to defects or errors in process, operators know precisely where to adjust parameters.

Advantages of Automated Optical Inspection and AI for Manufacturing

Automated optical inspection provides manufacturers with customizability and flexibility along with reliable, highly repeatable results. AOI accelerates the quality control process while improving decision making and providing predictable maintenance, allowing operators to anticipate defects and expedite the fabrication process.

Common Industry Challenges

High volume manufacturing is often subject to precision errors including human limitations, blind spots, and static process control, which often go undetected or unreported. Nanotronics’ AOI tools provide actionable data which allows users to identify, classify, and define causality to features of interest which prevents flaws from propagating and quickly addresses process yields that harm production.

Industry Benefits

Nanotronics is industry agnostic and partners with customers across the aerospace, semiconductor, genomics, automotive, and consumer electronics sectors to bring industrial-scale, high-throughput, super-imaging systems to the world’s most advanced fabrication facilities. Our products solve for the unique inspection and process control challenges of precision manufacturing, rapidly scaling technology and consolidating factory functions into a seamless interoperable system, from R&D to production.

Why Choose Nanotronics?

Nanotronics is a leading developer of optical inspection tools for the semiconductor, advanced materials, consumer electronics, and automotive industries. Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York’s industrial epicenter, we work with cutting-edge manufacturers devising innovative, scalable, and modular solutions adjusted to meet the needs of our customers. Grounded in science and technology with distinct expertise in AI and robotics, we navigate industry challenges with creativity to optimize efficiency, increase accessibility, reduce waste, and minimize cost. Nanotronics is dedicated to building the strongest and most secure foundations for our customers’ facilities, down to the nanoscale.


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