The compact and modular nSpec® system is used across the globe to inspect wafers at every step of the manufacturing process from bare wafers through post dicing and packaging. nSpec® software and hardware solutions are configurable to customer specifications enabling recognition, classification, and measurement of nanoscopic flaws for real-time correction within production processes – at a fraction of the cost.

How Automated Optical Inspections improve the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

The automated optical inspection system employs super resolution, machine learning, and artificial intelligence analyzers that allow the user to customize feature and defect reporting. The system is used to analyze bare, substrate, epi, pattern and etched wafers, as well as singulated die and gel packs or waffle packs and MEMs.

Process engineers can easily configure nSpec® to inspect wafers at any stage of the production process. nSpec® software can connect with all the inspection devices in a fab so engineers can find correlations between defect-identification data and process-tool parameters and make timely corrections to fabrication tools.

The system can be integrated with standard software, SECS/GEM, Klarity (KLARF import/export), proprietary process control, and LIMS systems compatible.

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