The compact tabletop nSpec® system is used in the United States, Europe, and Asia to inspect wafers at every step of the production process from bare wafers through post dicing and post packaging. The nSpec® software can assess wafer surface quality and count and bin defects at a faction of the cost of large inspection devices.

The nSpec® optical inspection system has super resolution, machine learning and artificial intelligence analyzers that allow you to customize the feature and defect reporting. The system can be used to inspect bare, substrate, epi, patterned, and etched wafers, as well as chips and MEMs.

You can easily configure the nSpec® to inspect wafers from any of your production processes. The nSpec® software can connect with all the inspection devices in your fab so you can find correlations between defect-identification data and process-tool parameters and make timely corrections to fabrication tools.

The system can be integrated with any of your current software including SECS/GEM, Klarity (KLARF import/export) and even proprietary process control and LIMS systems.