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Nanotronics’ nSPEC® are deployed in factories across the United States, Europe, and Asia to inspect wafers at every step of production from bare wafers through post dicing and post-packaging. nSPEC® software assess wafer surface quality and detect, count and bin defects during the wafer manufacturing process. nSPEC® is a fully automated tabletop system at a fraction of the cost of incumbent tools.

Our automated optical inspection systems include a suite of advanced computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence analyzers to provide comprehensive and fully customizable feature and defect reporting. nSPEC® software may be configured for inspection in bare, substrate, epi, patterned, and etched wafer manufacturing, as well as chips and MEMs manufacturing. 

Unlike other tools on the market nSPEC® can be easily reconfigured by any trained user on in minutes to inspect wafers from other production processes. Analysis parameters can also be transferred from any tool in the fab to any other tool on site or even to tools off-site at vendor or customer sites without any variation in results.

nSPEC® integrates seamlessly with existing fab software including SECS/GEM, Klarity (KLARF import/export) and even proprietary process control and LIMS systems.