nSpec® 3D

nSpec® 3D

Quantitative results and structure classifications of compounds and dispersions.

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Rapid Topography and Inspection of Complex Materials

nSpec®3D calculates and displays surface topographies, dispersion analysis, and quantitative roughness measurements.

nSpec® 3D

How Does it Work?

  • High-resolution sensors—both mega-pixel and spatial resolution—are combined with advanced pattern recognition using artificial intelligence algorithms.

nSpec®3D combines advanced image-capture techniques with computational algorithms to provide surface topography, material roughness, and dispersion analysis. Tools can search, mark, and slice an image to identify features of interest.

nSpec® 3D


  • Resolution:


  • Feature Classification:

    By size, frequency, morphology

  • X,Y Scanning Capability:

    200 x 200 mm

  • Z Axis Full Range of Motion:

    100 mm

  • Standard Objective:


  • Weight:

    30 kg

  • System Dimensions:

    40 cm x 60 cm x 90 cm (not including computer components)

  • Included:

    Computer, monitor, keyboard

  • Power Requirements:

    110/220 vAC, 50/60Hz, 10 amp

  • Gesture Control:

    Topography rotation and zoom

  • Sample Loading:

    Custom automation available

  • White Light Illumination:

    LED (other options available)

  • Brightfield/Darkfield Objectives:

    20x standard, additional objectives optional

  • Differential Inference Contrast:


  • Nosepiece:

    Single standard, optional multi objective

  • Histograms:

    Surface roughness distribution

  • Thresholding:

    x, y, z axes

  • Area of Interest Analysis:

    Vertical, horizontal and regions of interest