nSpec® LS

nspec® LS

nSpec® LS

Combining optical microscopy, computational super resolution, artificial intelligence, and robotics, Nanotronics is bringing the world’s most advanced microscope to every manufacturing sector.

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The World's Most Advanced Automated Inspection System

The inspection system design allows for easy set up of repeated quality control testing, in addition to settings for single image capture or scans. Configuration options include wafer size, types of defects to be identified, and scan resolution. An optional wafer loader and various sample chucks are available to meet specific needs. nSpec® is also compatible with our fourth generation AI software, nTelligence, an AI image analyzer that allows for the detection and classification of features of interest.

nSpec® LS

Optical Inspection for:

  • Substrate Wafers
  • Epi Wafers
  • Patterned Wafers
  • Diced Wafers
  • Individual Devices
nSpec® LS


Multiple Resolution Settings Rapid Scanning Wafer Mosaicing Customizable Defect Reports Configuration Options for Wafer Size, Defect type, and Scan Resolution Sample Chuck Sizes to Meet Specific Needs

nSpec® LS


  • Travel, typical

    200 mm X and Y direction

  • Centered Load Capability

    2.27 kg

  • Repeatability

    +/- 0.5 μm

  • Step Size

    0.04 μm

  • Travel Flatness

    30 μm

  • Weight

    54 kg

  • Limit Switches

    Mechanical, non-adjustable

  • Wafer Vacuum Chuck (optional)

    Adjustable to 50, 75, 100, 150, 
200, or 300 mm

  • White Illumination:

    LED (other options available)

  • Brightfield/Darkfield Objectives:

    5, 10, 20, or 50x, user selectable

  • Differential Interference Contrast:


  • Stage, Focus, Nosepiece, Illumination, Camera

    Manual user operated