Alice Globus

Chief Financial Officer

Alice Globus is the Chief Financial Officer of Nanotronics.

Previously, Alice was the Chief Financial Officer of the Globus Growth Group which is a multi-family office focused on investing in healthcare, ESG, healthtech, fintech, legalized cannabis, esports, and technology.

Ms. Globus has deep financial management and operational experience as the vice-president of a boutique investment banking and a co-founder of a fintech platform that she successfully sold to a private equity group. Other areas of investment knowledge include FDA, compliance, machine learning, supply chain and technology. She also has strong operating experience in manufacturing and operations and had served as Executive Chairman of her family’s company, Winky & Dutch, a white label trim manufacturer that had supplied to companies such as Walmart and Michael’s.

Ms. Globus is a fierce supporter of women and female entrepreneurship. She is active as a member and previously served on the Board for the Financial Women’s Association and as a member of Women in VC, an organization that is an advocate for women for opportunities and connections in the Venture Capital sector.

Ms. Globus works to educate the public through public speaking on issues such as diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace, founder diversity within investment portfolios, the importance of STEM education, and financial literacy.

Alice Globus has traveled extensively as part of her academic studies, conducting research in astrophysics via a grant from the National Science Foundation at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. She has also continued her research at the American Museum of National History, Princeton University, and Columbia University. Alice holds a B.A. in Physics from Wells College and a Ph.D studies and research at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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