Randy Griffith

President Nanotronics Automation

Randy Griffith began his career working for Signatone Corporation in Sunnyvale California in 1976. He began as an assembler. Before long, he was designing probe stations for the rapidly expanding semiconductor industry. At Signatone, Randy designed many products from mechanical ball-bearing precision stages to micro-positioners used in probing micron-size circuits. Randy was instrumental in the decision to add an in-house machine shop to Signatone, which reduced the customization and R&D parts delivery times.

In 1980, Randy left Signatone and opened his own machine shop where he continued to design and manufacture products for customers. This included reverse engineering products that had been discontinued. He manufactured everything from scuba diving valves to automotive parts to specialty plumbing fittings, aerospace, medical devices, microscopes, electronic equipment and defense industry.

In 1997, Randy decided to start making and marketing finished products. Microscope stages were one of the first product lines introduced followed by motorized automation products. In 2015, Randy sold this business to a company out of New York. Randy currently is working for this company in the capacity of executive VP.

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