July 2, 2020


17. Najee Dorsey – Building Together

Najee Dorsey is an Artist, a Collector, and the CEO / Founder of Black Art In America. Najee’s work has been exhibited in multiple museum shows, including his first major solo exhibition at the Columbus Museum in Columbus Georgia, entitled: Leaving Mississippi — Reflections on Heroes and Folklore in 2014. In addition, Dorsey has shown his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He has been the recipient of awards that include a 2006 Patrons Purchase Award from the Polk Museum of Art.

BLACK ART IN AMERICA™ (BAIA) is the leading online portal and social network focused on African-American Art with visitors from over 100 countries visiting our site each month and about half a million visitors to our social media pages for Black Art In America™ and Do You Basel?™. Black Art In America™, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter comprise BAIA’s online virtual network and resource. BAIA amplifies thought-provoking commentary on today’s visual arts news from a variety of perspectives, including breaking news, gallery meet-ups, market trends, and profiling leading (and emerging) Black visual artists in the country. In addition, BAIA offers stories about collecting and provides a weekly eNewsletter that helps art enthusiasts worldwide keep up to date on the changing and forever evolving Black visual arts market. Visit and join www.blackartinamerica.com

BAIA is a multifaceted media company based in Columbus Georgia. Since 2010 their mission has been to document, preserve and promote the contributions of the African American arts community. In the last eight years BAIA has generated thousands of hours of free original content and educational tools. Conducted member workshops, profiles on artists, collectors and industry professionals as well as produced fine art shows in major markets that were free and open to the public. We have also worked with organizations to help them raise money from art sales, exhibitions and programming.

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