February 26, 2021


S2 – E10. Shawanna Vaughn – Strength in Community

The founder and the Director of Silent Cry Inc., Shawanna Vaughn, is a native of Bakersfield, California, and a mother of two. Silent Cry, Inc. is the product of the tears she shed while overcoming the pain and hardships of incarceration, the loss of a brother to gang initiation violence and surviving cancer. She is the true definition of strength, courage and determination.

“I’ve been impacted by the aftermath of senseless violence and I’m also formerly incarcerated. With that, I’ve turned tragedy into Healing through my pain. I now find my voice in justice and healing our communities and hearts. I’ve crafted a policy called, Post Traumatic Prison Disorder Shawanna W76337. It is a comprehensive policy on mental health reconstruction for children of incarcerated parents, Inclusive to long term individuals with vendor therapies available to combat depression and suicide prevention. And, offering services of holistic approach to post incarceration individuals because healthy lifestyles and mental stability reduces repetitive behaviors which lead to reincarnation. My life has been a journey one that has lead me to many places and I’ve had the wonderful pleasure to work with Columbia business school in simulations. My lifestyle is changing the narrative in criminal justice issues. I’m a member of the Confined arts project. A member of Peace and Justice studies. Proud to say May of 2019, I will be attending Columbia University. Education over adversity is a model I believe in and advocate to young people.”

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