April 16, 2021


S2-E12. TONY ARCABASCIO : From ALife to the AI-Life

Tony Arcabascio is the Art Director for Nanotronics and oversees all creative design across branding, marketing, and digital platforms. Tony also provides creative input on design for some engineering projects such as nHale™.

Tony joined the Nanotronics team with over 25 years of experience in the streetwear and the fashion industry. In 1999, he co-founded the sneaker and apparel company Alife. Its headquarters on Orchard St. and their world renowned sneaker boutique, The Alife Rivington Club, on Rivington Street, served as a hub for a cross-section of the Lower East Side creative scene: artists, photographers, actors, musicians, sneaker-heads, skaters, and graffiti writers. Tony’s legacy of popularizing street wear serves as a perfect example for what Malcolm Gladwell highlighted in his pop-culture book, The Tipping Point, namely that ideas, attitudes and behaviors tend to spread contagiously in the same way as some infectious diseases.

Tony is known in the New York arts and culture scene as a prescient brander and behind-the-scenes trend-setter. He has been the creative contributor to many of the brands New Yorker’s know and love today such as The Standard Hotel, WeSC, Damiani, and Buscemi.

Today, Arcabascio makes a significant contribution to the Nanotronics ecosystem and culture where artists, designers, engineers, marketers, and business leaders work together to envision, and passionately work toward building, a more sustainable future.

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