July 9, 2021


S2 E17 – Gaurab Chakrabarti – Understanding the White Space of the Unknown

Gaurab Chakrabarti is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Solugen, which he co-founded with Sean Hunt in 2016 with the mission to decarbonize the chemicals industry. Gaurab is a physician-scientist focused on using biology in unconventional ways to solve incredibly complex problems. As CEO, Gaurab is using his insights from enzyme engineering to develop and scale chemienzymatic process technologies.

Gaurab studied computational neuroscience as an undergraduate at Brown University and received his MD & PhD in cancer biology and enzymology at the University of Texas. Gaurab is an author or co-author on more than 20 peer-reviewed publications and patents and an alumnus of Y Combinator and Forbes 30 Under 30 in Industry and Manufacturing. Gaurab lives in Houston with his wife, daughter, and Goldendoodle.

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