December 4, 2019

Process Monitoring for Patterned Wafer Manufacturing

With nSpec®, inspection becomes comprehensive throughout the lithography/patterned wafer manufacturing process.

nSpec Macro® uses a golden template–based method to capture subtle defects where tolerance is very low, while limiting false positives in regions that have a higher level of variation or noise. Yield-loss data can help flag systematic issues.

Defect information associated with each die can be sent to back-end processing, and dies can be excluded in subsequent steps of manufacturing, reducing needless expenses.

nSpec® can be strategically placed in each processing bay due to its low cost of ownership and small footprint, eliminating the need to move wafers to a central inspection bay.

nSpec® handles the most complex use cases ranging from numerous small devices within a single field of view to large devices comprised of multiple fields of view, as well as non-repeating devices or even/odd device patterns.