nSpec® CPS

nSpec® CPS

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Automated Inspection with Human-Level Intelligence

A sophisticated image processing inspection tool that provides customizability and flexibility, along with reliable, highly repeatable results. The AI-enhanced inspection software can be trained to detect defects with sparse data. Once trained, the algorithm can be imported into a production tool and the user can begin automatically classifying defects and features of interest. The CPS inspection system generates a defect map report of all defects detected on the wafer.

nSpec® CPS

Fully Automated Inspection for:

  • Substrate Wafers
  • Epi Wafers
  • Patterned Wafers
  • Diced Wafers
  • Individual Devices
nSpec® CPS


nTelligence™ Automatic Wafer Handling Multiple Resolution Settings Rapid Scanning Customizable Defect Reports Wafer Mosaicing Variety of Sample Chuck Sizes to Meet Specific Needs Robust Analysis for Defect or Feature of Interest Detection and Classification Automatic Inspection and Review Procedures Multi-System Synchronization Small Footprint and Minimal Facilities Requirements Rack-Mount Controls Door Interlocks

With detection features that automate the inspection process

Nanotronics’ loader control software features group and individual wafer handling. The CPS inspection software can save the sequencing in a recipe to give the user highly repeatable results. The software also allows you to mark wafers to speed up a quality control process. The control software keeps wafers safe by reporting and handling all motion control errors.

nSpec® CPS


  • Weight

    540 kg

  • Dimensions (W x D x H)

    158 cm x 173 cm x 202 cm

  • Min. Vacuum Requirement

    24 in. Hg (70 kPa)

  • Power Supply

    110v/220v, 30 amps

  • Runs One Cassette at a Time:

    25 wafers per cassette or FOUP

  • Standard Wafer Sizes

    300, 200mm with adapter

  • Pre-Aligner

  • Illumination Modes:

    Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC (Nomarski)

  • Light Source

    White-light LED, Other options available

  • Objectives

    2.5, 5, 10, 20, or 50x, user selectable

  • Travel, Typical

    350 mm X and Y direction

  • Positioning

    Linear servo motors with closed loop encoders (50 nm resolution)

  • Repeatability

    +/- 0.5 μm

  • Travel Flatness

    20 μm

  • Construction:

    Precision ground raceways and high-rigidity linear guideways

  • Mounting Platform

    Isolated platform integrated into cabinet system

  • Centered Load Capacity:

    5 kg


  • OCR Camera

  • Air Ionizers