nSpec® Turbo

nSpec® Turbo

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High Volume Manufacturing AOI Inspection System

Whatever the user’s specific sample inspection requirements, Nanotronics provides a wide range of manufacturing solutions for obtaining rapid inspection results. The nSpec® Turbo AOI inspection system is the ideal solution for highly controlled, high volume manufacturing environments. This defect detection system runs multiple 300mm high volume scans sequentially. User-friendly software makes configuring recipes next to effortless and as needs evolve, recipes are easy to save and modify.

nSpec® Turbo

This 300mm Design Supports:

  • HEPA air filtration
  • Air ionizers
  • Single or Dual Load Ports (200mm and / or 300mm)
nSpec® Turbo


nTelligence™ Automatic wafer handling Multiple resolution settings, ranging from 0.3 μm and greater Rapid Scanning Flexible settings for single image capture and scans Variety of sample chucks to meet specific needs and manual loading applications Robust analysis for defect or feature of interest detection and classification Inspection and Review Procedures Multi-System Synchronization Small Footprint and Minimal Facilities Requirements Rack-Mount Controls Door Interlocks Automatic prealignment by notch or flat Mapping for wafer presence, cross slot detection, and double stacked wafers 200mm cassette adapter for Load Port Filter wheel available (12 slot, 25mm filters)

nSpec® Turbo


  • Weight

    1200 kg

  • Dimensions (W x D x H)

    240 cm x 194 cm x 262 cm

  • Min. Vacuum Requirement

    21 in. Hg (-70 kPa)

  • Power Supply

    208VAC, 15A, 50-60Hz

  • Min. Clean Dry Air

    60PSI (415 kPa)

  • Illumination Modes

    Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC (Nomarski)

  • Light Source

    White light LED (other options available)

  • Objectives

    5x included, 1.25, 2.5, 10, 20, or 50x, user selectable (5 position turret)

  • Travel, Typical

    350 mm X and Y direction

  • Positioning

    Linear servo motors with closed loop encoders

  • Construction

    Precision ground raceways and high rigidity linear guideways

  • Mounting Platform

    Isolated platform integrated into cabinet system

  • Centered Load Capacity

    12.5 kg


  • OCR: Frontside and/or Backside available

  • Air Ionizersº

  • E-84 Interface available

  • Light Curtains available

  • N2 Purge Load Port available