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Wafer Inspection System

A fully automated, optical inspection system for analyzing opaque, transparent, and semi-transparent wafers for defects. nSPEC® offers fast quantification and qualification of defects with detailed reporting and mapping. nSPEC® can image and analyze substrate and epi wafers as well as patterned and diced wafers and even individual devices. The system has multiple magnifications to fully characterize defect frequency and type and offers complete rapid scanning and mosaicing of wafers. Users can easily define reports and statistical functions.


We use only the highest quality optics from the market leaders in microscopy. We add on lighting and high-resolution cameras (megapixels and spatial resolution) for image capture and analysis. You can choose wavelengths and select light paths to optimize resolution and imaging requirements. You can automate the stage, turret and illuminator and F-stop for rapid and accurate scanning.

You can add an optional AFM tip that attaches directly to the turret. With an X/Y resolution of 1.7 nm and a Z resolution of 0.34nm, high resolution probing of sub nm features are a reality. You can obtain feature length and height and depth and surface roughness data.


We've engineered easy-to-use software to control all aspects of measurement. Controls include focus, specimen movement, lighting, and objective (magnification) selection. We can also automate color wheels, if you need color but a color camera does not offer the spatial resolution needed, polarizer's and DIC.

Optics / Photonics

Our engineers recently launched an automated scratch/dig analyzer to increase inspection speeds and decrease subjectivity. This is a breakthrough technology that helps optics quality inspectors better characterize their products according to MIL Specs.

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Rapid Topography and inspection of complex materials

nSPEC®3D is an automated, rapid optical microscope that provides surface topographies and quantitative roughness measurements. Traditional industries such as tire, medical device, steel, battery, aerospace and automotive require a new way of inspecting quality and irregularities in the process. nSPEC®3D allows users to customize measurements for each complex system in a rapid, reproducible and easy to use fashion. It includes full hardware and software solutions, with classification of features and the ability to navigate three-dimensional space. nSPEC®3D is also a tool for researchers to optimize a process and transfer data to a production environment.


Software nSPEC®3D uses the highest quality optics from the market leaders in microscopy. We couple the optics with high-resolution cameras (both megapixels and spatial resolution) for image capture and analysis. The system has a unique lighting configuration with control to generate topographies. nSPEC®3D operation requires very little training, and has options for image manipulation from traditional keyboards and mice to gesture control that eliminates the need to even touch standard computer controls. The operator can begin the scan and walk away. The sample preparation and mounting mechanism allows for multiple samples with the ability to do testing on a range of materials.


nSPEC®3D has a large set of tools which detect and allow for navigation of an entire sample in the field of view. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has tools that can search, mark and slice an image to identify features of interest and eliminate artifacts. The software uses state of the art classification tools that allow the machine to mark features automatically for both quality control and research. The software of nSPEC®3D combines dispersion measurement capability with material roughness measurement.

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For fifteen years Franklin MCI has designed and manufactured precision equipment for a variety of industries including electronics, biomedical, semiconductor, agricultural, mining, and automotive. The company's extensive product portfolio and experience designing, building, and deploying custom precision equipment complements Nanotronics' proprietary AI, software and high-quality optics offerings. Nanotronics can now serve as an end-to-end provider of both software and hardware, able to offer customers fully customized equipment for rapid prototyping and deployment at greater speed and efficiency, and at a lower cost compared to other production alternatives.Nanotronics has incorporated Franklin MCI as a unique manufacturing division known as Nanotronics Automation offering customers a fully integrated suite of hardware prototyping, production services, and solutions.

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